The BWH Thyroid Nodule Risk Estimator

This calculator below is intended for use in assisting with the assessment of the risk of thyroid malignancy. This calculator should only be used by licensed healthcare providers. The calculator combines the five clinical variables listed below, each shown in research to be predictive of thyroid cancer risk. This tool should only by applied to nodules ≥ 1 cm in diameter, and only used in conjunction with a full clinical evaluation performed by a licensed healthcare provider. Detailed information regarding the clinical variables and analysis used for this calculation can be found here: (link to publication).
Age at time of diagnosis
Largest diameter

Cystic content

Additional nodules ≥ 1 cm in diameter

DISCLAIMER: This tool is meant to be used as an estimate of risk and is not a personalized guide for clinical care. Because ultrasound and pathologic interpretation carry moderate interobserver variation, risks may differ in other populations. While this is a tool that can assist in the assessment of the risk of thyroid malignancy, it does not evaluate all potentially relevant patient information. Medical decisions should only be based on all of the information available for an individual patient. This tool does not substitute for a clinical evaluation, nor does it make any clinical recommendations regarding appropriate care or steps in management. This tool should not be used solely for interpretation or clinical decision making. Such decisions must be made by a licensed physician. All data entered on this site will not be saved or used in any capacity beyond calculation of risk based on published data.